Mobile Computing Pt2

Last time I spent most of the time on Microsoft’s mobile computing.  This post I’ll talk about Android as I have the most experience with this.  

A little background on what Android is.  The Android operating system is what is called “open sourced” which simply means that the code for this is out in the open for anyone to edit and make their own.  This is great for innovation and flexibility but the drawback is that this can become a fractured system.  What I mean by that is there are many different “Flavors” of Android.  One could pick up three Android devices and to preform the same task it would preformed three different ways.

Android is also one of the cheaper solutions for mobile computing. You can pick up tablets on sale sometimes for less than $100. In those cases you are usually getting what you pay for but it is available. I am currently writing this from my Samsung Android tablet. It’s great for scheduling, writing a blog post, email, and social networking. I’m finding it just under what I need for my mobile purposes but it’s much easier than carring my laptop for a meeting over coffee.

I’ll blog next on iOS mobile computing. While I do have the least experience with it I do have some things to say 🙂

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