Mobile Computing Pt3

So I’ve touched on Microsoft’s and Android’s solutions to mobile computing.  Today I’ll spend sometime talking about perhaps the most popular tech out there for mobile computing…the iPad.  As I’ve said I don’t have that much experience with Apple’s mobile product line but I do have some interaction.
Apple has a beautiful, solid design for their products. This started back with the introduction of the iPod.  Apple locks it’s tech down tight.  This is again both good and bad.  This leaves very little room for innovation with in it’s product line, but it does create a standard.  When you pick up an Apple product it will look just like every other Apple product.
The iPad is limited by the same things that limit the Android devices.  It’s not a full PC expierence.  The other draw back to Apple products are their cost.  People will argue that Apple products last longer (which they do) but the up front cost for an Apple device is much higher than the other two types of mobile tech I’ve talked about.

In summary,  the best mobile computing solution really depends on your needs, knowledge level and really what interface you like.

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