My Clean PC?

Recently I heard an ad that promised to speed up your slow computer.  It basically said your computer is dirty and slow be we can fix it for you. They even offer to give you a free scan of your PC to tell what’s wrong with it.  How generous of them!  I thought I would give this amazing software a whirl. But I wanted to do a baseline test on it.  You know to see what it was really all about.  I booted up a fresh install of Windows 7.  The only thing installed in it were Windows updates.  no anti-virus, no office, nothing but what Windows comes with right out of the box.  I then headed over to this miracle website and installed their free PC check scanner or whatever they called it.  I ran it and it took a little while to run.  When it was done it came back with this…


Remember.  the only thing I did was install Windows and it’s updates but apparently they think they know more about how Windows should run than Microsoft.  They of course graciously stated they would fix all of my issues for a modest fee ($39.99 but if I purchase now I get a great deal of $19.99). On top of all that it left a bit of questionable software installed so they could “help me remotely”

Now if you are really interested in cleaning up your computer I would recommend a piece of software called CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) by a company called Piriform.  I’ve used this for years on computers with general slowness and even getting rid of some software that doesn’t seem to want to uninstall properly.

If you have any questions never hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about your PC running slow.

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