You may have fallen victim to one of these nasty pieces of malware in the past.  Start up your computer and boom!  You need to pay these people $300 to remove this from your computer and not be reported to the FBI.  Scary scary stuff right?  Well first off please relax…no one is being reported to anyone.  There is the matter of being able to use your computer however.  This may take some doing.  Each one is a little different but the end result it is the same…it can be fixed.  Now the amount of effort and time it takes to clean up differs depending on what is exactly wrong or how much damage has been done.

Most of these are pretty harmless and can be cleaned up in safe mode with antivirus and anti-malware.  However there are some really nasty ones encrypt your files and will actually not let you de-crypt them without paying the ransom.  These can really only be removed by formatting your hard-drive and re-installing your operating system.  That’s an unfortunate truth.  This is why backing up your important files is very important!

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