Windows XP Support to end in April 2014!

As many of you may know support for Windows XP will be ending in April of this year. For many of you this probably isn’t an issue as you’ve upgraded to Windows 7 or even Windows 8.  But if you one of those who haven’t updated yet you might be asking yourself what you should do.  There are a few options on the table for you.  First is you could do nothing.  Windows XP won’t magically stop working in April.  You can still use your machine as you have been.  However, you will be vulnerable to malicious software attacks as any security holes in the operating system will no longer be plugged.

Another option is to buy a new computer.  While you could just update the operating system on your PC the odds are that your hardware will provide less than stellar performance on the newer systems.  Buying a new computer these days means going to Windows 8 as Windows 7 is no longer offered on most retail machines.   Windows 8 has a bit of a learning curve to it.  With the improvements made with the 8.1 release it makes it a bit more palatable which is nice but still it’s a big change from XP.

A more outside the box approach it to make a change over to Linux.  I know a lot of you are thinking that Linux is for computer geeks living in their mother’s basement who enjoy reading millions of lines of code (there may be some truth to that).  But today’s Linux is much more user friendly and easier to use than you might think!  One of the most popular flavors of Linux is called Ubuntu. The nice thing about this is that you can “try it before you buy it” so to speak.  Not that you’re actually buying anything as it is a free operating system.  You can run it from a USB drive to see if you like it before you commit to installing it on your PC.  Also it will run on some older hardware better than the newer versions of windows.

If you have a little bit of cash burning a hole in your pocket you could always make the switch to Mac OSX.  Again this would involve you re-learning to use your computer and can be a bit expensive.  But if you’re using an iPhone and/or iPad these devices play remarkably nice together (as they are all from the same company).

What ever your decision just know there are options out there for you!

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